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B’stilla Fassia

Have you been going a little bit crazy with the Winter sales? I was being really good and stayed away from all major department stores and shops, because I knew that I would be going to shopping mecca (NYC) in a few months. But then, I got lured into online shopping (*cough*steph*cough*linda*)! It’s so evil, but it gives me such a warm and fuzzy feeling! So, perhaps I won’t be eating out so much for the next few weeks to compensate for my overindulgence in other areas! It’s a good thing that I have a few vouchers up my sleeve! A few months ago, I bought a ”scoopon‘ voucher for Souk in The City, a Moroccan restaurant in Surry Hills. The deal was dinner for two for $50.

B’stilla Fassia $17.50

The deal was that we could both order an entree and a main each. To start off, I ordered the b’stilla fassia, which was a beautiful filo pastry filled with almond chicken that had been infused with rose water & cinammon. This was all served with a beautiful orange sauce. The waitress was about the cut the pastry for us before I quickly stopped her! phew! She was patient and very attentive without being obtrusive, throughout the evening. This filo pastry was absolutely delicious, I felt a bit sinful to be eating something so sweet at the start of a meal, but it was so good! The pastry was lovely and flakey and the distinct flavour of the rose water and cinammon really lifted the almond chicken.

Tagine Spiced Lamb Brochettes, Smoked Eggplant, Prune & Pistachio, Argan Oil $17.90

The second entree we ordered was the tagine spiced lamb brochettes. We later realised that ‘brochettes’ was just another name for skewers, haha. The lamb was meaty and juicy, it kind of reminded me of the same texture of chorizos. The smoked eggplant sauce lying below the brochettes was paired wonderfully with the lamb.

Cous Cous $5.00

A side of cous cous was ordered to go with my main (seafood tagine – below). The simple cous cous with raisins and almond flakes was dangerously addictive! I could not stop eating it!

Seafood Tagine $33.90

The seafood tagine was bursting with colour and flavour. Fresh seafood including prawns, kingfish, calamari and mussels, as well as, pearl couscous, olives and coriander were found swimming in this tagine. The sauce was so aromatic and we were impressed with all these wonderful and exciting flavours.

Coriander Beef with Cinnamon Mash, Ras El Hanout Cream, Fig and Sweet Onion $31.90

The second main we chose was the coriander beef dish. The beef was tender and fell apart so easily; it also had a lovely smokey flavour from the charcoal. The cinamon mash was absolutely divine! I’m not the biggest fan of mash potatoes, but I just could not scooping this up! The fig and onion jam was lovely and sweet,  and the carrots on top were so crunchy, sweet and delicious (I don’t know what they did to those carrots, but they were so yum!).

Moroccan Pudding with Pistachio Ice Cream and Date & Fig paste

Even though I had stuffed myself already, I couldn’t go home without trying the dessert. I was really craving some warm Winter puddings, so when I saw Moroccan Pudding on the menu, I knew that I had to get it. It was pretty much similar to a sticky date pudding and I wasn’t too impressed, but the best thing about this dessert was the lovely and refreshing pistachio ice cream.



I really enjoyed our meal at Souk in The City. The portions were generous and the service was warm and friendly. Definitely something a little bit different (for me anyway) and definitely a place I’d like to visit again. I’d definitely recommend it for a cosy dinner :)

Souk in The City
5/431 Bourke St
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Tel: (02) 9357 7577
Open 7 Days

Souk in the City on Urbanspoon


Also, the Winter Festival is happening right now! There’s quite a few food stalls, selling all matter of warm beverages and food as well as a giant ice rink (about 1000 times bigger than last year’s!). Things are pretty pricey, but it’s all part of the experience! Here are some pics I took whilst strolling through:

The Winter Festival is on until the 4th of July (this Sunday), and then it heads to Bondi from the 16th-25th of July. Check the website for details!

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18 Responses to “Souk In The City, Surry Hills”

Comments (18)
  1. Maria says:

    Oooh delish!! Moroccan kind of warm spicy food would be so welcomed right now!

  2. LOVE your first pic of the winter fest – gorgeous!

  3. BuBbles says:

    Glad you enjoyed your meal. Looks like great value! We sat at the same table in your photo when we went a while ago.


  4. I’ve always wanted to visit this place. Everything looks so enticing. I want to stick my finger into the mound of mash and lick it. Yum!

  5. FFichiban says:

    Ahh I keep forgetting to check those sites for deals :S This place is on my to try list… hopefully I will b visiting soon mmmm and beautiful wintery shots ^^!

  6. Jacq says:

    I got this voucher too except I haven’t had a chance to go yet. The food looks great though and I can’t wait for my meal there :) Love that first photo of the winter festival although it’s making me chilly just looking at it! So cold!!

  7. Steph says:

    Hahaha oops. I probably shouldn’t have encouraged you to buy all that stuff, I forgot you were meant to be saving for your trip :P The food looks lovely! Liking the sound of cinnamon mash. Good work catching the waitress before she cut the pastry open!

  8. Yum I love Moroccan food, you had such beautiful dishes

  9. I was just recalling my time in Morocco last week on my blog when I ate Pigeon Bastilla! I hadn’t heard of this restaurant so thanks for the heads up – looks great :)

  10. Warming and yum! This post also highlights how little I know about Moroccan food. Must rectify that, me thinks!

  11. This all looks so rich and succulent. I particularly like the look of that fish tagine. What a great place to have in your city – pity for me it’s not in Adelaide!

  12. Laura says:

    This post just feels like winter, the food seems like comfort food. then you went & threw in an ice rink. Winter is here.

  13. Big props for taking on the seafood tagine! Perfect choice- looks too good, especially during this freezing week.

  14. You know.. I also have a voucher for Souk through Scoopon. And you know what? It was YOU that made me get this… I’ve never had moroccan food yet so I’m looking forward to this dinner. Food looks good, shame on the dessert. Were there other desserts on offer? Or maybe desserts aren’t their speciality??

  15. I’m curious about the argan oil – I’ve heard a fair bit about it, but am yet to try the super expensive liquid.

    Oh and don’t worry, online shopping doesn’t count.

  16. angie says:

    The way you’ve described all the dishes is making me drool, and I just had my dinner! What a bargain of a meal =)

  17. oh how pretty is the winter festival!

    I have a few scoopons to use too.
    Shame about the chocolate pudding not being that flash.. =(


  18. Hi Maria: Yep that tagine had winter written all over it!

    Hi Tina: Thanks!!

    Hi Bubbles: Oh cool. Did you enjoy your meal there as well?

    Hi Amy: Haha… oh that mash was so addictive!

    Hi FFichiban: I get them sent to my email haha! Thank you!

    Hi Jacq: Cool! I hope you like it! Hehe I know, so cold these days :(

    Hi Steph: Haha oh well, I really love everything and I need pretty clothes to wear overseas, right?! haha. Oh I know, lucky save! :D

    Hi John: Me too! Dishes were great :)

    Hi Christie: Oh cool, you’re welcome :)

    Hi Mademoiselle Delicieuse: It was total yum! I think you should definitely check it out!

    Hi Sarah: The fish tagine was so filling and moreish! Aww that is a shame, I guess you’ll have to take a trip to Sydney! ;)

    Hi Laura: Winter is most definitely upon us!

    Hi Adrian: Thanks! Yep, it’s pretty perfect on any cold night!

    Hi Phuoc: Haha.. awesome! I’ve only ever had it twice (including this time), so I am by no means a coinousseur! There were other desserts, but none of them seemed to be Morroccan specialties, maybe you can ask next time! Hope you enjoy your meal there!

    Hi Conor: I don’t actually remember the flavour of the argan oil being very distinct (maybe I’ve forgotten!). Ok, if you say so :D

    Hi Angie: Yep, vouchers are the way to go lol!

    Hi Iron Chef Shellie: Very pretty :) They’re so evil because they’re so enticing … but awesome.. haha. Yeah, luckily the rest of the meal was great! Oh, so evil but so good… damn online shopping!!

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