Phase One of Westfield Sydney now open!

A couple of days ago, I was invited along to a press tour of the shiny new Westfields Sydney food court, although I wouldn’t call it a food court at all, as there is no kfc/maccas/subways in sight! You can still find the ‘food court’ at the bottom of Myer. The new Westfields Sydney houses the ‘Sydney Room’ on Level 5 which is a beautiful and bright area with much deliciousness. My first thought when I walked off the escalator was ‘wow, this is fancy!’

Charlie & Co. – Parmesan & Truffle Chips

First stop was Justin North’s, Charlie & Co. burger bar. We are quickly handed glasses of bubbly and listen whilst Justin explains his desire to open up a burger bar selling the best quality burgers after the huge success of the wagyu burgers at his restaurant, Plan B. He talks about sourcing the best quality meat and making the brioche buns fresh everyday. We are given a bowl of beautiful parmesan & truffle chips to nibble on and then the cutest burger are placed in front of us (I was *squeeing* inside!). Seriously good meat, loved the beetroot, pickles and buns. Charlie & Co. is also a licensed area so you can pop in after (or before/during, if you’re that way inclined) work for a burger and a drink.

Charlie & Co. – Mini Wagyu Burger

The menu consists of many different types of burgers to cater for every taste – from the serious meat eaters to the vegetarians. The most popular burgers so far were ‘the wagyu & co’ and ‘the federation burger’. Most burgers range from $12 – $16 ($2 extra for dine-in). It’s definitely not your average burger!

Eat, Deli Kitchen

Eat, Deli Kitchen – Reuben Sandwich

Next stop is Eat, Deli Kitchen where we meet chef Martin Moore and get a taste of the already infamous ‘reuben sandwich’. The reuben sandwich consists of wagyu salt beef, sauerkraut, pickles, cheese and mustard on rye bread. The meat is carved to order, which does create a bit of theatre whilst you wait for your sandwich! Moore says he received the highest compliment the other day when a customer wrote on a napkin ‘this is better than Katz’s Deli’ in New York. That’s a big call, I think. After a bite out of my sandwich, it does come very close. The meat is so wonderfully salty and tender, it definitely does remind me on NYC! You do get a whole lot more meat when you buy the sandwich, the above picture was just for us to get a taste. There’s a whole range of hot and cold dishes and campos coffee available at Eat, Deli Kitchen.

Cloudy Bay Fish Co.

Cloudy Bay Fish Company is John Susman’s first retail venture. He has been a supplier of sustainable Australian & New Zealand seafood for over 20 years. At this outlet, there is a variety of different types of fresh fish and seafood which you can choose to have in a roll or in a salad. He is planning to have fish cakes and fish pies in the hot food section soon.

Guzman Y Gomez

Guzman Y Gomez named after founder Steven Marks’ two best friend’s in New York. He tells us the story of how he could not find any decent Mexican food when he came to Sydney, so he decided to open up his store; he imported the best chilli’s and raw ingredients from Mexico as well as employing a bunch of Mexican staff. Everything is made fresh to order and they can pretty much customise to whatever you want, there’s also a range of condiments on the side for you to choose from.

Via Del Corso

Via Del Corso is named after a street in Rome and has all manor of sweet delicious things from gelato to cakes and cannoli – yum! The gelato cabinet was designed by the makers of Lamborghini and Ferrari. The door actually slides open at the front, to make it easier for cleaning (and for taste testing!). At the push of a button, the lid opens and we are given free reign of samples of the gelato – chilli chocolate was a favourite and my all time favourite – hazelnut, did not dissapoint.

Via Del Corso

Top Fruit – Harbour Cocktail

Top Fruit is the much loved fruit bar selling all kinds of beautiful, seasonal fruits, yoghurt, smoothies and of course chocolate dipped strawberries. We are given a range of fruits to try including the intriguing chocolate fruit, jackfruit and dragonfruit. We are then given a ‘harbour cocktail’ which is a mix of mango, strawberries, banana, ricotta cheese and rose syrup – I could not get enough of this! The combination was to die for and I’d happily have giant bowls of this everyday!

Top Fruit – Chocolate Dipped Strawberry

We are also given a chocolate dipped strawberry to take home! Oh my, fat juicy strawberry dipped in milk chocolate. How can you go wrong?!

A couple of other outlets at the Sydney Room were Crust pizza (where pizza is ready made fresh and ready in 2 minutes), and Dergah Grill where they make their bread fresh on site and serve traditional Turkish fare. There are a number of other outlets planned to open between now and the end of 2011.

Sky Phoenix – Egg Tarts

After a tour of the Sydney Room, we head up to Level 6 for yum cha at Sky Phoenix. Despite being stuffed to the brim, I persevere for research purposes. After we are seated a whole range of dumplings in steaming bamboo baskets are placed on our table. And you can’t leave yum cha without having an egg tart! The flaky pastry of the, still warm, egg tart was the perfect ending.

Make sure to check out the new Westfield Sydney Level 5 & 6 food areas. It’s definitely something new and something that our city has desperately needed.

Thank you to Liquid Ideas, Westfields and Urban Spoon.

Westfield Sydney
Cnr Pitt St Mall and Market St
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: (02) 8236 9200

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  1. Ooh wow, it really is shiny :P

    Definitely not your typical food court fare! I think I may have to make a trip there :) So many choices!

  2. MelbaToast says:

    OMG! You get a try whatever Gelato you like…I’m so jealous! My eyes would’ve popped out of my head if I’d send those fancy doors rising up to let me taste whatever I wanted. Great review…so keen to check this place asap!

  3. Lisa says:

    Wonder if I’ll be able to fit in a charlie & co burger after high tea with my sister on sunday. those fries seriously look amazing! great photos!!

  4. Jacq says:

    ooh how fancy! i love that cute little burger from charlie and co too :)

  5. It really is a nice step up for quick “foodcourt” dining in town.

  6. It’s a shame I couldn’t take time off work to attend this event. I guess I’ll be doing the rounds myself!

  7. i cant wait to check out the new westfield! argh i wants burgahhh!

  8. With all the awesome looking food, it almost seems like an insult to refer to the area as a food court.

    Reuben looks awesome! So wanna try one of those out :)

  9. Very exciting that we have a bright new shiny & not your average food mall huh. Love these new fancy schmancy places opening up around the globe…., its my type of food court.

  10. Isn’t it fab? I think I’m a little in lurve…

  11. Fantastic round up there! … I’ve been to the new Westfields twice now.. but I’m always drawn more to the shops (i know i know naughty me) .. we did however go to Sky Phoenix for dinner on the opening night.. was kind of disappointing because they either didnt have the dish or it was sold out… guess the opening was all a bit of a rush rush… cant wait till everything is fully opened .. up and running! ps. how low are the ceilings!!!

  12. Totally my idea of a food court. No struggling to get through the lines of teenagers waiting to order Whoppers ;)

    Really craving some of those chips now.

  13. How delicious are those fries? I could have ordered a second lot of them (luckily for my clothes I didn’t :P )

  14. Hi Kristy: It’s definitely worth the trip, just to admire it’s fancy decor!

    Hi MelbaToast: Hahah yeah! It was pretty cool! Thank you :)

    Hi Lisa: Those fries were amazing! I would be super impressed if you could fit in one of those burgers after high tea! haha. Thanks lovely :)

    Hi Jacq: It was indeed fancy!

    Hi Sara: Definitely a massive step up for city food courts.

    Hi John: It’ll probably be a little bit easier on the stomach doing the rounds by yourself!

    Hi chocolatesuze: The burger was awesome and so was everything else I tried… :D

    Hi Simon: I know! It’s definitely not your typical food court. You’ll have to try the reuben :)

    Hi Anna: Definitely fancy schmancy, although it would be so hard to decide what to have!

    Hi Tina: Agree!!

    Hi Rhonda: Thanks :) Omg, the ceilings are so low, I almost feel ‘tall’ (almost!). I only had yum cha at sky phoenix, but I imagine they probably ran out of a lot of things :( Maybe go again in a couple of weeks once things have calmed down!

    Hi Conor: Definitely no whoppers in sight at this food court ;) Omg, those chips were amazing! Defintiely worth flying from Perth over to Sydney for!

    Hi Lorraine: So delicious! And very dangerous having them in front of me ;)

  15. Beer Club says:

    Wow, now that’s a food court! I normally look to advoid these places due to them all serving up the same substandard fare but this looks a class above and definitely worth a visit.

  16. Hi Beer Club: It’s definitely something different compared to a lot of inner city food courts! And yes, definitely worth a visit!

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