Mother Chu’s Taiwanese Gourmet, Haymarket

Sometimes all you need is a nice cup of soya been drink and some steaming hot dumplings. When you get that calling, you head for Mother Chu’s …

Malaya House, Kirribilli

I don’t often venture to this area, so I wasn’t very familiar with any of the restaurants, but I spotted Malaya House and remembered that I had dined there a few years ago before a concert at Luna Park, so we decided to try it again …

Yong Jing’s Kitchen Enlightenment, Kingsford

A small Chinese restaurant, offering quite a selection of items as you’ll see from their colourful menu! It’s always exciting to open up a glossy menu that is complete with pictures! There are wooden laquered stools and tables, I think the theme of the decor is ‘traditional’ China, which was lovely. The service was typical of a Chinese restaurant, very fast and efficient, but not so high on the friendly scale …

Din Tai Fung Restaurant – World Square, Sydney

The restaurant originates from Taiwan and they are famous for their Xiao Long Bao (soup filled pork dumplings). There are many locations across the globe; world leaders and celebrities have dined in them, and now the hungry girl has too! …

Y2K Supercafe, Haymarket + Chinatown Night Markets

After some browsing and unsuccessful bargaining over a pair of fluffy slippers, we decided to get some curry fish balls from Y2K as DCM had been talking about them all evening. Y2K is a Chinese cafe selling all kinds of desserts, drinks and snacks …

Shanghai Night, Ashfield

I just love the steamed dumplings here. There is pork mince and soup inside. I love how they pack the dumplings with pork mince, they certainly don’t skimp on it. When you take a bite and the hot soup oozes out, your tastebuds will thank you! Mmm..

Yum Cha at Regal Restaurant, Haymarket

The restaurant has been around for as long as I can remember. I used to come here when I was little and I remember staring at the fish, abalone and other crustaceans in the fish tanks and running up and down the stairs, never really thought about the food much. But of course now, things have changed and it’s all about the food …

Marigold Restaurant, Haymarket

For dinner on my graduation day, my father suggested we celebrate at Marigold Restaurant. There’s free parking and who doesn’t love a bit of peking duck? I left most of the ordering up to others …


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