La Paula’s Empanadas and Sweets, Kingsford

They didn’t have any names of the items in the display, so I just went “I want one of this, one of this, one of that… one of that chocolately one, oh and one of those”! The main ingredient in all of these little treats is dulce de leche …

Yong Jing’s Kitchen Enlightenment, Kingsford

A small Chinese restaurant, offering quite a selection of items as you’ll see from their colourful menu! It’s always exciting to open up a glossy menu that is complete with pictures! There are wooden laquered stools and tables, I think the theme of the decor is ‘traditional’ China, which was lovely. The service was typical of a Chinese restaurant, very fast and efficient, but not so high on the friendly scale …

Pinangsia Noodle, Kingsford

When you walk into Pinangsia Noodle, you get that homely and familiar vibe. Simple decor, a long communal table in the middle and a few tables on either side of this little restaurant. If you’re unsure of what to order, they have pictures of their specialities in their front window and on their walls. And if you’re still unsure, there’s a few dishes in the menu that have been given the thumbs up …


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