Let’s Eat Thai, Marrickville

Good, honest food without any fanfare.. relatively easy on the wallet and and perfect if you’re looking for a casual dinner out…

Pho Bac Hai Duong, Marrickville

This miserable and cold weather just calls for pho. Pho is a popular Vietnamese beef noodle soup. And when I’m in the mood for pho, the one place that I head to is Pho Bac Hai Duong in Marrickville …

Marrickville Rd Cafe, Marrickville

Sometimes all you need is a good solid breakfast. Actually I would recommend you have it every day, but the majority of people don’t get to sit down to a nice hearty meal in the mornings, I know I don’t …

Huong Giang, Marrickville + Gelato!

We walked in and took our seats and had the eager waiter bustling about us, fetching us tea and menus. We both wanted a ‘quick pho’, but then I saw on their cover that they specialise in Bun Bo Hue, so I had to try it! …

Thai Paragon, Marrickville

The restaurant is small and cosy, yet quite modern and stylish. Lots of red and dark colours, which I liked.
Even though I had just had Thai food the day before, it didn’t really stop me from indulging in my beloved satay chicken skewers! Mmm …

Glasshouse Cafe Bar, Marrickville

The cafe seems to be a local favourite, with lots of families, couples and friends heading there for a bite to eat. The service was friendly and welcoming. We were chatting away and were never bothered or pressured to leave …


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