Let’s Eat Thai, Marrickville

Good, honest food without any fanfare.. relatively easy on the wallet and and perfect if you’re looking for a casual dinner out…

Spice I Am Restaurant, Darlinghurst

I’d definitely recommend Spice I Am if you’re looking for something a little bit more special than your dodgy/but awesome little Thai eatery, yet still searching for some authentic Thai food. Every dish that came out was great …

In The Mood For Thai, Surry Hills

One night we ended up in Surry Hills at In The Mood For Thai. I wasn’t particularly in the mood for Thai, but turning up to restaurants without a reservation on a Saturday night is pretty tricky in Surry Hills. So we went in and I immediately liked the open front and the decor …

Selina Restaurant, Fairfield

I was not impressed by Selina Restaurant at all. I wouldn’t have minded the wait and the terrible service if the food was great, but it was nowhere near there …

Malaya House, Kirribilli

I don’t often venture to this area, so I wasn’t very familiar with any of the restaurants, but I spotted Malaya House and remembered that I had dined there a few years ago before a concert at Luna Park, so we decided to try it again …

Thai Pothong, Newtown

Excellent food and service are reasons why Thai Pothong have won so many awards. Although I still love the other cheap Thai eats around Newtown, Thai Pothong does have that little something special …

Bangkok Restaurant/ Passionflower, Haymarket

Bangkok Restaurant is in such a great location, perfect for a late night meal, but it’s such a shame about the quality of their food. It’s probably the worst Thai experience I’ve had and next time, I’ll just wait it out for Chat Thai …

Red Spoon Thai Restaurant

It’s always nice when you walk into a restaurant with no expectations at all, just looking to fill your stomach, just cause there aren’t many options… just cause, and then you are pleasantly surprised when the restaurant delivers. Really delivers …

Thai Paragon, Marrickville

The restaurant is small and cosy, yet quite modern and stylish. Lots of red and dark colours, which I liked.
Even though I had just had Thai food the day before, it didn’t really stop me from indulging in my beloved satay chicken skewers! Mmm …

Ladda’s Thai Takeaway, Newtown

Everybody knows that I love Ladda’s. My family and I have been frequenting this little Thai Takeaway since… as long as I can remember! It’s on the quieter side of King St, towards the Princes Hwy. They do most of their cooking in the front of the shop, and they have a few tables and chairs inside. It’s always fun to watch them whipping up and tossing around all the noodles, vegetables and rice! …


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